Queer is a newly born Queen tribute band from Japan. Formed in May, 2011 by four true Queen Lovers. Each member of Queer has long career playing at various rock bands, but they were eager to form Queen Tribute band someday, with realism. Four members of Queer had been waiting for others nearly three decades, because compromise in forming Queen band is what they liked to avoid. Finally they came across, Queen tribute band “Queer” was born. It is certainly a kind of magic, or a miracle.
Queer thinks, “A Tribute Band” is much more, or deeper than “A Cover Band”, so realism or detail in stage appearance as well as playing ability is highly required. Queer’s full respect and big love to Freddie, Brian, John and Roger, lead them into full research of Queen songs on stages in each tours, each versions as well as their instruments thoroughly. Queer is ready to show Queen live performances on stages, some of them are from early 70’s, some of them are late 70’s, and some of them are early and late 80's.
Yes, we are capable to show all Queen live tours!

Have fun!